PEI Adventure Day 1 Update

Liz , my daughter Trisha and yours truly left Ottawa just after 9am on Wednesday.  Our first stop was at the Flying J Truckstop in Lancaster Ontario where we stopped for fuel and snacks.  It goes without saying that EVERY time we stop I do a circle check of the truck and trailer before we head back on the road… 

Above pics taken before we left home and the one below was taken at the Flying J

Our next scheduled stop was in The Levis Quebec area (close to Quebec City). We made it from Lancaster to just outside Montreal where we has 2 very close encounters with 18 wheelers in 15 minutes.  In both cases there were merging into my lane without checking.  No signals …. just moved into my space which I had to vacate quickly…. Even though I was in the right….Big rig trumps little rig….so they missed me….

We continued on our trip and stopped at the Ultramar gas station at the first exit after Levis.  Not a truck stop…. but it seemed like one … When we got there I was the 5th RV in line for fuel…. the Owner had a smile in his face….  No pics for this stop due to rain….   After $73.00 of fuel and $41.00 of cheap Quebec price suds we were back on the road.

We continued east on the Trans Canada and decided to stretch our legs at a highway stop in River de loup….it was raging but we took a walk around anyway…. Then back in the truck and we continued on to Edmunston NB .  This was as far as we got last year after the RV fire cut our holidays short.  

In Edmunston fuel was $63.00 and then we were aiming towards Fredericton NB… Just before Woodstock NB we got “lit up” (pulled over) by a RCMP officer for a routine check.  He was polite , checked my ownership, insurance and drivers licence and sent us on our way…  We decided to call it a night and stop at the Walmart in Woodstock NB for the night.  We joined about 15 other travellers in the lot…. had supper and then got some sleep…

Here is our site taken this am…. it was to dark for a pic when we pulled in….

On the radio side of things…. nothing but dead air on 146.520…. I went from there to scanning repeater s with the same results… learn a few I’d so I  made general calls but no takers… Is 2m Fm a thing of the past??.?

So far just over 850 km (500miles) Driven at a cost of approx $160.00.  It’s The start of another day and tonight we should be in SUMMERSIDE PEI.

See you then



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