Amateur Radio on the Island

It’s been good so far.  The VHF Repeater on 146.850 has found me someone to talk to on various occasions so far.  The have a linked (Maritimes) net between 730 am local to 830 local.  It makes for good listening while having my morning coffee

In the evenings there is the Maritime Net on 3.750 lsb .  It starts at 7pm local and runs till they run out of things to say.

I dis participate in the RAC CANADA DAY contest on July 1st.  Operating QRP with my 817 and a wire antenna I managed contacts in NF PE NS QC ON MB SK BC.  I heard VE8RAC ON 20m ssb….. But along with ALL THE ALBERTA stations I Heard…

They could not hear my booming 5w SSB signal…  My meager score will not set any records but it was fun….   Best I Could do sitting at my picnic table


PSK 31 later if the bands and the wind cooperate



Author: VA3QV

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