Weather…Camping …and UHF Propagation

Good morning…. it’s day 9 of our holidays  to the Province of Prince Edward Island and so far we are loving it.  The weather was VERY wet while in transit here but once we arrived has been FANTASTIC  (my new catch phrase) for the most part.  

As you can see we have an excellent view of the Gulf of St Lawrence from our campsite.  Normally this view comes with a cooling breeze which keeps the mosquitoes at bay and also makes the temps a bit more bearable…  In my opinion these days are Radio days…

My operating position consists of a scrounged picnic table alongside a fence.  I clip the balun of my W3EDP HF antenna to the fence then it goes to a branch of a pine tree about 20 feet above ground in a shallow sloping configuration east to west.  HOWEVER shade is at a premium and 95% of the mosquitoe population of PEI seem to reside in that grassy field beside my operating position.

With no shade it greatly limits my operating due to the temps and if there is no wind  as well then the skitters remind me to find something else to do….

So far 80m has been my go to band for voice comms.  The maritime amateur radio community has a few good daily nets (some morning and some at night) that I am having no problems to check into with my booming 5w ssb signal.  I did try a few 40m nets but due to poor conditions it was not going to happen with 5w.

I have made a few contacts on 20m PSK31 including one with VA3PCJ  who lives less than 1km from my home in Ottawa.  Over the years we have done several qrp dots activations and just portable operating so it was FANTASTIC to get him in the log

The above pic of VA3PCJ is a couple of years old and was taken at the Mer Bleu Bog in Ottawa South East. KX3 with an Alex Loop antenna.


The FM repeaters seem to be well used with a Maritime wide net running Monday to Friday morning on a linked system. There is also some DSTAR here but as I don’t have that mode it’s hard to comment on it.

I never really bothered with UHF PROPAGATION till this camping trip.  As you know this new HD DIGITAL OTA ( Over The Air ) television seems to be UHF.  Here with my old commercial RV TV antenna we can receive 2 of the 3 stations available on the Island ( at times ).  Have not found the CBC station yet… Global New Brunswick comes in from the late morning to late evening and we can get the CTV affiliate in Halifax in the early evening and it fades (pixelates) out before we lose Global.  I am planning to upgrade the antenna once we return from holidays.

We did not go camping to watch TV but it is nice to catch the news and weather just to stay informed…

I have tried listening on 6m and 2m ssb but with no openings …. nothing heard….

Other than that…. all is good and I will continue to play radio when the bugs, weather and family permit….



Author: VA3QV

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