Antennas…. antennas….

TUESDAY ON THE ISLAND…. The adventure continues….

The last few days have been RF less as a camper decided to occupy the little spot of ground where my W3EDP was located.  I did manage a few 2m repeater contacts on the week end when we drove over to Charlottetown and played tourist on Sunday.  I plan to get wire up in a tree later today…

Gotta get back on the air….  

BUT I WILL BE ACTIVE ( 2m/70cm/6m ssb only with dipole antenna) FRON FN86 FOR THE UPCOMING VHF CONTEST ….but…. as it’s 5w with the FT817 you gotta aim the beams at me and listen really good

Maybe some PSK31 as well


Staying on the topic of antennas…. it seems that I have a bad chunk of feedline between the crank up tv antenna and where my tv connects to the wall mounted connector….

 Add troubleshooting an antenna to the list of things I should do…. or it might be easier just to redo it completely…. but that will have to wait till we get home…


Everything else is fantastic…… weather good….. views FANTASTIC….. and the food  just as good

CU later…



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