Not seeing the magic

This past weekend was the CQWW VHF Contest…

 And although I had not planned to be a “serious ” participant in the contest I had hoped to get a few of the “BIG GUNS” into the my log.  It was my hope that the big contest stations that I had worked from Ottawa in the past with my loop antennas might be able to hear the 5w of my Ft817 with simple wire antennas.
There was no magic in what we call the “MAGIC BAND” this time….

Trying my 6m dipole and my 6m EFHW in various configurations and orientations I had no luck.  Did not even hear anyone let alone log anyone…  I had hoped for a slight advantage from the water I was operating over but… oh well … No one got the FN86 from me this weekend.  Let’s blame it on the solar flare….

It would of been a total bust outside of the fact that I was operating as VA3QV/VY2 and the weather was FANTASTIC as well as the views from the radio operators position.  We are on holidays and there is more to the trip than contesting.  My results were better during the RAC Canada Day Contest and that was fun as well.  There is only so much you can do with 5W and a wire…

Today is a trip into Summerside for restocking….. then there is a trip planned to do the touristy thing at the Anne of Green Gables site later this week.  In between that I do plan a bit more radio time along with lots of rest and relaxation to re-charge my batteries.  There is still lots to do and see in the 8 days left on the Island.



Author: VA3QV

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