Chillycon 2017 Update

The following was found in my email inbox and just in case you are not on the mailing list…. here it is



Re: Chillycon 

From: Michael Babineau

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2017 13:36:25 PDT 
Don, many thanks for doing the legwork to get the story on Rideau River Park.  

It looks like we must change our location for this year.
After some careful consideration, it seems that Murphy’s Point (Hogg Bay CampGround) best fits our criteria. 
The loop containing sites 19 to 38 is mostly free on the September 14th and 15 and it has a combination of both powered (20 to 28) and non-powered sites

so we can also accommodate folks like VA3QV who has a RV.  
One major consideration is the proximity to Perth (only about 16 minutes away). This will give us some options for Pizza as well as a few choices for Sunday Brunch and groceries and camping supplies should anyone forget anything. 
My apologies to the VE2-guys this is going to make your drive a little further. 
I will send out an official notification shortly.
Michael VE3WMB 

And before you ask…. yes we did make it back to Ottawa with everything mostly intact…  The conclusion to our adventure should be posted soon… I’ve got some other stuff to get done first



Author: VA3QV

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