Remembering the adventure

Liz and I have been back now for almost a week now …. and here are our collective thoughts now that things are getting for normal..

The Rig

Our truck and trailer combo behaved itself quite well on the trip there and back. The worst that happened was that the 40 amp circuit breaker that runs between the 12v storage battery and the fuse panel tripped a couple of times.

As we had no issues using shore power, generator or when attached to the trucks 12v power this was a minor issue.

I knew that the problem had to be a fuse or master link etc as everything worked outside of the storage battery so when we were stopping for fuel in Moncton NB I noticed a Leisure Days RV centre across the street. After fueling, We headed over and talked to the service manager. I explained the problem and asked if they could identify the faulty part… order one in and then we would stop in on our return trip and they could install it. Outside came a tech and he found the circuit breaker… reset the breaker and wished us safe travels…

A BIG SHOUTOUT TO LEISURE DAYS IN MONCTON FOR HELPING US ON OUR WAY….. If (when) we decide to replace our trailer you know where we are going to look first…

As it turned out the breaker tripped again and this time would not reset even with the power disconnected so now that I know where the breaker is… I will be replacing it before our next trip…

Other than that the truck got better than anticipated fuel economy and behaved itself in all that was asked of it..

The trip down

We made better time than anticipated…. I had planned to spend the first night in Edmunston NB and we made it as far as the Walmart in Woodstock NB before we decided to call it a night…. Even after the unexpected stop in Moncton NB for repairs we made it into Summerside PEI and was parked at the Walmart before supper. I ran the generator till it got dark to keep the fridge cold and then switched over to propane after that. In the morning after filling the cold fridge and freezer with provisions we headed out for Cabot Beach Provincial Park

On the Island

We arrived at Cabot and got checked in. The staff were fantastic and eager to help. We had planned to stay at Cabot for the duration and just take Day trips out when playing tourist… Our first trip was to Kensington PEI which was the closest town that we could re-stock our necessities of life. As it also was the location of the closest Liquor Store we visited it often.. Seafood tastes better when cooked in wine sauce ….

We also visited Summerside PEI for their Lobster Festival ( read a few entries back for that experience) along with a day trip to Charlottetown to play tourist.

We then decided to stay at the campsite for a while and just relax and partake in some local cuisine…

Liz got to enjoy fresh mussels and we both enjoyed very fresh deep fried fish and chips made over the Coleman stove.

It was decided that once again we would head out to the National Park in Cavendish PEI.

It was an excellent place to visit that was very popular but the crowds were worth it to see the scenery. We also found out that the park has a Day parking area for RV's that's big enough to let you drive in and out with ease.

After the day visit we headed into the Village of Cavendish and had a fantastic supper (Liz had lobster) and then we headed back to Cabot for more leisure time…

Amateur Radio on the trip

In the truck I had my old FT 2400 2m Radio programmed with repeater frequencies for the trip. I also monitored 146.520 as well. Once we left Ottawa NO CONTACTS were made until we arrived in PEI. I easily made contacts on the Summerside repeater and the Charlottetown repeaters for the duration of our holidays. Unfortunately the same was true for the return trip. Making calls on repeaters but no replies…

HF wise I was operating my FT 817 from the open site close to mine. I found lots of ssb contacts on 80m in the mornings and evenings. A few daytime 20m PSK31 contacts were made but for DX it was not a time to be operating QRP

The trip home

We left Cabot early in the morning and stopped at the gift shop in Borden Carleton and then after spending some $$$$ left PEI and headed home. The traffic was light and we were making better time than expected. Fuel stops in Oromocto NB, Edmunston NB (supper break) and west of Quebec City and then suddenly we were pulling into Ottawa at 2am. I had not planned for the long day drive but I was feeling good and everyone else was sleeping so I kept on rolling….

30 days after we left… we were back home… happy but tired…but We are planning our next adventure…. stay tuned



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