Amateur Radio and the RV community

If you ever watch some of the Youtube Videos on Full Time Camping you always notice how so many of them are commenting that they have issues in getting Cell/Data service while in some of the more remote areas.  Now although I know many Hams who are RV’ers I don’t know many RV’ers who are also hams.

This might be a way to get some “New Blood” into our hobby….

I have always defined my most important part of Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) being the ability of talking to home.  By home I mean contacting someone who lived close to my home city and would call home for me and reassure my wife that I was still doing well well on my trip and inturn could assure me that all was well at home.  This was in the days before cell phones were popular but the premise still works today.  There have been a few camping trips where the cell service was spotty and the radio has been needed to update friends and family on our progress while on the road.

If you are a RV’er who wants more info just GOOGLE (your town) Amateur Radio and you should find a local radio club that would be more than happy to explain the basics of how Ham Radio can be a tool to assist you in your RV.

Lots of Sailors have Amateur Radio in their Yachts so why not get your Amateur Radio License and then install an Amateur Radio in your Land Yacht?


To the hams out there….  If you do get contacted by someone who RV’s and shows interest in our hobby…. Try and gear your reply towards how your hobby can assist them in their hobby and that way we both win.

73 & Safe Travels


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