The “Tow Vehicle” remains on the road

This morning “The Dodge” and I returned to the Drive Clean Inspection station to re take our emissions test.  The first test was on Friday and it was a fail as I have had some electrical issues with the truck and the fix for that was removing the battery to clean all connections as it had needed a boost earlier in the week.  The cleaning worked as the truck is back starting as it should.  


The downside to that is that the removing of the battery had also wiped the onboard computers memory so the data needed by the Drive Clean computer was not there.  They failed the first attempt as there was not enough data to check through…  They told me to drive it for a few days,  burn off some miles and then come back.

As the check engine light had been on, I had the  errorcodes read well before the test was due and knew that I had an issue with one cylinder occasionally miss firing along with a weak sealing gas cap.  Both would cause a fail.  

With the mileage on the truck approaching 500,000 kms I was not going to tear the engine apart to fix the issue so I started out as safely and cheaply as I could.  There is a popular fuel additive called “Sea Foam”.  YouTube users and backyard mechanics rave about its features and I have used it in the past to clean all the crap out of my Champion Generator when it got stored with gas that went stale and varnished…   I was not sure if it worked but the truck was idling better…


The end result was that the truck passed with the help of a new gas cap and two cans of the wonder liquid Sea Foam and now the Ministry of Transportation for Ontario will let me renew my plates… 


All this was done for a cash outlay of $50.00 plus the $17.50 cost of the re test.  (The first test was free)…


Above map shows the Province of Newfoundland (VO1) in ham language

So whats next???  Well I guess its now decision time….  The original plan was to get a new (to us) truck in the spring to pull our anticipated new (to us) trailer and stay in Ontario rather than travel in the summer of 2019.   But as nothing was carved in stone the thought now is to head east to Newfoundland for the summer of 2019 which means no truck and trailer replacement till 2020.  As of right now (till she changes my mind again) is the plan.  But between now and Newfoundland some minor stuff like new tires along with some bondo on the rougher parts of the truck will be done. 


Of course for this to happen it goes without saying that the trailer (the funny thing that follows the truck) must have a good winter in storage and be in good enough shape to make the trip.

More on our anticipated trip to the most Eastern Canadian Province will be coming up in the spring

Safe Travels




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