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Since our move here to Kingston Ontario early in June 2018 it seems that Amateur Radio has taken a back seat to many things including life.

I’ve got the gear….  got it running at home operating mostly on HF FT8 using my FT 450 but that lost interest after a bit.  I then tried hooking up my Winkeyer and tried some HF CW with the 450 and that again lost my attention.  Between poor band conditions and my stealth HF antenna being rather poor well…. 

I did think about taking my FT 817 (pic below) out to a local park to play some radio but it seems any time I had had some free time do do this…. It was either wet, cold or the bands were un cooperative.


Suddenly the bulk of my Amateur Radio life was the occasional chat on one of the 2 local 2m repeaters from the truck when I was driving to work.  Again not exactly exciting.  So fare (until recently) was the best I could come up with.

Enter the next exciting (this hobby is fantastic…. when one things loses my interest there is so much more to re kindle the spirit) phase for me….  Digital voice radio. 


Right now I am experimenting with a Yaesu Fusion Radio the model FTM7250D (pic above) and its a great little dual band (2m/70cm) dual mode (FM/C4FM) mobile radio I use at home with an 15amp Astron power supply.  My antenna for this rig is an Arrow dual band 1/4 wave ground plane that I managed to hide in the large pine tree beside my fence at about 20 feet above ground.

Currently there are no Yaesu Fusion Repeaters in K-Town (yet) but there is one scheduled to come on line here in the near future and a few of the local hams (myself included) have already gotten our radios and are having simplex QSO’s on 2m C4FM.  I was so impressed with the quality of the audio that I ordered a dual band/dual mode Yaesu handheld the FT70DR (pic below) and that should be arriving any day now.


 Hopefully by the time the new repeater get up and running I’ll have a bit more of this digital stuff figured out.


Author: VA3QV

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