New #Hamradio arrival

It took a while but thats what I get for ordering a popular radio and accessories…. Ahhhhh the joys of waiting for backordered products.

But its here now and so far seems well worth the wait.  I opened the box and was able to get the frequency list from my 7250 programming software cut and pasted into the FT70 programming software and we were programmed and up and running within 60 minutes.  That including getting the software program installed on my laptop

ft70pic(the above display shows I am on VE3FRG Repeater on the Digital side of things)

The timing of the delivery was just fantastic as the FRG repeater just swapped out their FM repeater for the new Yaesu Dual Mode repeater (C4FM Digital/FM) and so I am able to experiment with the new mode.  At this time the Wires X linking system is not running on the repeater but will be sometime in the future.  For my non ham types Wires X is a system that links C4FM repeaters via the internet.  Kind of like SKYPE except its not computer to computer but radio site to radio site.

There is a bit of a learning curve as would be expected with most new things but if I can figure it out then you should be able to as well….

This link should bring you to a map of the locations of North American Fusion Repeaters

if not….. cut and paste the following into your browser|&type=YSF&system=

In addition on the radio side of things I did pick up a new power supply to power the FT450 and now we can easily power out at 100w.  The antenna is still stealthy but people are hearing me.  The big for the HF systems will happen later this summer when the gear gets moved into the trailer for some fun trips

More updates to follow.


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