That,s all I can say other than take the time to RTFM….  but it makes for a good story for me and a warning for the rest of you.

As you know I have been updating some (almost all) of my VHF/UHF gear recently.

The first addition was the Yaesu FTM 7250 D which is a dual band (2m/70cm) dual mode (FM/C4FM) mobile radio.  It came with some programming software which made it real easy to get all the local stuff programmed in….


Next was the addition of the Yaesu FT70DR which is a dual band and dual mode (see above) handheld radio.  It also came with programming software made by the same company as the software for the 7250…


I got the idea to copy all the data from the FT7250 file and paste it into the newly created file for the FT70 and I thought it worked really well….. On the 7250 file I had programmed all the local repeaters in as transmitting on LOW Power correctly assuming that 5w was more than enough to work the two local repeaters here in K-Town.

Once I started making contacts on the local repeaters using the handheld I was noticing that the quality of my signal reports were not the best.  I immediately blamed the rubber duck antenna that came with the radio and changed it out for a better quality antenna but the results had not improved by much

I started looking closely at the data from the upload and suddenly had one of those Homer J Simpson moments.


The data I inputted into the FT70 was instructing the radio to transmit on LOW Power and (some of you might of guessed already) the low power setting on the handheld is not 5w (like the 7250) .  The low power setting on the FT70 is only .5w so instead of transmitting at 5w I was only using half a watt so….  That explains a lot….

I will mention that since I changed the power output on the handheld to 5w everyone seems to be hearing me much better

There will be some more new toys arriving in the near future….  A new dual band antenna for the pickup truck, a new dual band antenna for the trailer and a C4FM hotspot will be on their way.  The antennas were ordered today and the search for the hotspot has been narrowed down to two brands and I am almost finished my research

More on this later


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