Escaped from the Storage Facility

Even though it sure don’t feel like the nice weather is finally here ….  But this morning I heard a faint call of “Get me out of here…..Pleeeezzzzzeeee” coming from the Martins Peoples Storage Yard  which is only 850 meters from my front door here in Kingston.

2019 camperathome

Above pic taken today shows us parked on the street beside our home.  If you look back and just to the right of the roof mounted air conditioner you will see a very large Pine tree that may or may not have a long green wire in it (for my ham radio followers)

It was the sound of my 1999 Trail Lite Bantam travel trailer reminding me that the snow has melted and that some TLC is needed before our first camping trip of the year happens.  I just could not stand the sound of her suffering so I took the truck over and hooked her up and went for a ride.

The purpose of this was to take a run around Kingston to see what needed repair after the winter hibernation.  I was quite pleased to see that before we left the tires were fully inflated…. all but 1 clearance light was bright and there were no signs of any freeloading critters who might of spent the winter in my rig.  All in all its in great shape and I am pleased.


We ran around town and our 1/2 was stopping point was at the Kingston Walmart…. Gawd knows that over the years of camping we have spent more than a couple of nights in their parking lot and I figured the Walmart lot was a natural spot to give it a 2nd walk around to check to see if anything had failed since the beginning of the trip…. (and yes I also wanted to show her off to a couple of my co-workers as I do work for the company.)

Anyways after a couple of Ohhhs and Ahhhs and you camp in that???? It was time to return her to Martins till Sunday morning when I will pick her up…. load it up here at home and then head out for a trial run till Tuesday morning to really see what need to be done before Erika and myself head out at the end of May….

Updated May 18th:

Moved the wrong way and felt a twinge in my back…..  Weekend plans changed from camper testing to a recovery style of weekend.  No point in doing more injury than necessary.

For me at least this is the start of the summer…..

Safe Travels


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