Saturday AM #hamradio musings

This was created on Saturday morning  but I got distracted and it got posted a bit later the same day….

Its a Saturday morning and as I’m still on holidays I get to spend some quality time in the shack…..

I heard a few guys chatting on HF and they were talking about call sign designations( such as VA3QV/m) and how they should be used…. It was a great debate and I could not comment as they were starting to fade so….. Here is the  way I see it

At home I would sign as VA3QV  by at home I mean the address that Industry Canada has on file for me,


In the mobile I would sign as VA3QV/m.  Rather common sense.  If I was travelling across Canada (I don’t travel in the states due to no private healthcare) I would be VA3QV/m VE2, VE4 etc depending on what Province I would be driving thru at the time.


Operating from a place other than my residence or my vehicle I would be VA3QV/p, but if the location was outside my home province then I would be VA3QV/p VE4 or whatever province I was in at the time.


Why you ask????

In my humble opinion as Canada is not normally rare DX…. calling CQ de VA3QV will not cause much excitement.


But if I happened to be up north at the time VA3QV/VY0 or /VE8 or /VY1 could make it more interesting for the chasers.

I look at it as more of a courtesy….  I chased a KH6 station for about an hour and when I finally got him confirmed in Logbook of the World …. I found out that he was visiting friends in California so I got another west coast station (/W6)in the log rather than the Hawaii contact I was hoping for.  The same thing happened with a Alaskan resident calling CQ from his parents house in the lower 48 who neglected to add the /p to his call….


And thats the view from the cheap seats this morning






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