Maybe its NOT the antenna

I was looking at my log for the RAC Canada Winter Contest and decided to look at the contacts a little closer… 

With the 100w of my Yaesu FT 450 and the magic of the SGC 237 auto tuner along with $20.00 of the finest Princess Auto wire here is where my signal from Eastern VE3Land made it to during the contest.


VO1 (Newfoundland) 20m and 80m contacts

VE1 (Nova Scotia) 40m and 80m contacts

VY2 (Prince Edward Island) 80m contacts

VE9 (New Brunswick) 20m, 40m and 80m contacts

VE2 (Quebec) 40m and 80m contacts

VE3 (Ontario) 20m, 40m, 80m and 160m contacts

VE4 (Manitoba) 20m and 40m contacts

VE5 (Saskatchewan) 20m contacts

VE6 (Alberta) 20m, 40m and 80m contacts

VE7 (British Columbia) 20m contacts

My antenna for HF is an approximately 45 foot long wire that snakes its way around a Fir Tree in my backyard. 


This along with radials on the inside perimeter of my fence is my “Stealthy” HF antenna and using the SGC Tuner will load up on all bands between 6m and 160m.

I was (as always) blaming my normal lack of results on my very poor compromise antenna and the lack of band conditions.  I was not really complaining, but more whining about it.  Its been a while since I was able to spend so much time in the shack at a time when others were around at the same time that I am thinking….  If I lived in a location that was antenna restrictive then I might actually make more contacts but…. as I would rather be on the air with a compromise antenna system than not being on the air….  This seems to be much better than nothing… 

I still long for the day I can operate without antenna restrictions but till then…. what I got ain’t that bad…

Hope that your antennas survived the recent Ice Storm…. 

Here in Kingston my fir tree is bending a bit but still keeping the wire up in the air.  Praying for a melt to save the tree branches and keep what I have for an antenna functioning  and above ground.






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