Has it been 2 months already?

Well look back….  On March 14th 2020 Liz and myself drove to Oshawa, bought my 2nd Yaesu FT 450 from VE3FJC….  Looked at a new trailer , but did not sign on the line and had supper at the Belleville Casino….

A day later it all hit the fan….  Pandemic City and the worst two months in our lives…. Fortunately we kept our health and financial security (many lost both) but its changed life as we know it…. and two months later its not getting much better….

As things pertain to Ontario (VE3) the public parks are just starting to open up but right now  its only for day use…..  Don’t make any plans for Field Day yet…..


I am still planning to operate Field Day but most likely as a 1A station.


Yaseu FT 450, 43 foot vertical, 25 amp power supply and my Champion 1.5k Gas Generator.


Overnight won’t happen but will (should)operate for both days but will be operating under Day Use restrictions.

Now as plans were made to be broken… I will be fairly flexible if the parks suddenly open for general use

However as of today’s date the private campgrounds that cater to the permanent campers will be allowed to start their season…  In addition many more businesses are going to able to open up but with some restrictions….

A biggie for me is that the Provincal Parks remaining day use only….  We were still strongly debating the new trailer but we also want to travel with it so……  Hard to travel if there are no Provincal Parks to travel to….  Not really wanting to make the payments with no where to go with it….

Radio wise it might be the year of the Contests or QSO Parties….  DXPeditions for the most part are not going to happen….  Just can’t see some remote area  inviting a bunch of old people from a country or countries that have had serious issues with COVID19 to welcome us with open arms…..  However I will be the first to admit that sitting in the shack in the evenings and having some chats have taken most (if not all) of the stress from my daily life  till the next day when it builds up again…

Hoping you are staying safe and sane through our search for the “new normal”




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6 thoughts on “Has it been 2 months already?”

  1. Is your trailer hitch vertical bracket a home brew, or did you purchase it?
    My QTH radio is a FT-450D, and I love it except for a lot of front end receive noise from external sources.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for visiting and the questions….

      The trailer hitch bracket was a home brewed device given to me by a ham who no longer wanted to operate hf mobile. It was designed with a 3/8 stud mount on it for use with a screw driver antenna…., When I got it I removed the stud mount and just used it to support either my S9 43 foot vertical or a vertical comprised of fiberglass tubing which comes in 4.5 foot lengths. I have a total of 40 feet of tubing but would not use all of it in one antenna support. Normally about 20 feet and the wind load swaying is tolerable… much higher would (could) cause a failure

      All of the parts were bought from Princess Auto in Canada but try Harbor Freight if you are from the States

      As for the noise on the FT 450…..
      I am no expert but I have found that the FT 817 and the FT450 both have a very strong receive section …. try running with your Attenenator or your IPO to lower the noise. It will also lower signals coming in but as long as you can hear the signal over the noise the strenght of the signal is fine…. I operate one of my 450’s in my mobile and I have an ignation noise (alternator whine and fuel pump) issue but with the various combinations of ATT and IPO I can hear most stations without pulling over to the side of the road to shut off the engine. Sometimes the RF Gain can also help

      Hope this helps


      1. Thanks, Bob. I am blessed/cursed with high noise (s7-9) at my home where I use the FT-450 primarily.

        I will have to look into building a hitch mount mast holder for park work. I haven’t been able to do many since March, but I am looking forward to operating outdoors again.



  2. Will the tuner in your ft450 tune your 43’ vertical? 73 de N7CX dm42

    1. To be honest…. No…. at least not with the 4:1 balun that came with it…. Going to try either a 9:1 or a 49:1 (after some reading up on it) and the plan would be to turn it into a 43 or so foot end fed vertical random length (something around 40 feet)
      It was one of antenna ideas I was going to look at once I bought my trailer. I just look at it earlier and then get the balun ordered in time for field day
      Ps….. once the project starts there will be some posts here about the process

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