Internet in paradise

Again sorry for the delayed postings but it seems that 1bar of LTE cell strength is not enough to upload a post with pictures….. I have been looking at a cell phone signal device that makes sense to the ham in me.

However…… After suffering two power outages this past week we are thinking of getting a larger generator for back up power as the 1.5kw one we have now is not large enough for our current comfort levels.

Other than that everything is going well here. Liz is happy and comfortable and therefore my life is stress free.

More later once I find a better (stronger) internet source….

On the radio side of things I currently have 2 antennas in the air. We have our OTA TV antenna up about 20 feet which is giving us Global TV, CBS, FOX and 4 PBS stations. I also have on the rear of the trailer my Diamond discone ( 2m and 70cm) antenna at 15 feet which lets me have solid C4FM communications into Kingston using the VE3FRG repeater. In the near future I hope to get my S9 43 foot vertical back in the air but I need to fabricate a mounting bracket that was a bit stronger than the one I was using. Better to be safe than sorry.

Stay safe….
Safe travels….


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  1. Good afternoon Bob, at our mini home we have a Firman generator they have a great warranty and I have had no issues with it so far (had it for a year now). Yes Honda is much better for sure BUT they are not cheap either, so I compromised with the Firman unit. The unit we have is the 4550/3650 (starting wattage/running wattage) now this could be a bit of overkill for your application, but they have smaller units as well. You can get them with remote start/stop (we have that and it’s great) There is a display so you can monitor AC voltage, frequency, run hours and low oil. Most have an RV connection and ours is a 120/240 model that you may not need for the RV. I don’t work for Firman, but they have a great product that is reasonably priced and dependable. I have used our twice for extended periods of time during outages with no issues.

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