Wrapping up the RAC Canada Day Contest #RACCD

Well its over and I am pleased with my results:

My normal way to gauge my efforts in the RAC Canada Day Contest or the RAC Canada Winter Contest is by the following :

1> Have fun….

If its not fun why am I doing it? Well I did have fun and lots of it…

2> Work all the Provinces and Territories…

Almost…. I made contacts in our 10 provinces but I was unable to make contacts with (or even hear someone working) VY0, VY1 or VE8

But on the bright side I did work VO2, VY2, VE1, VE9, VE2, VE3, VE4, VE5, VE6 and VE7. I did not work VO1 but as they are in the same Province as VO2, I can say that I did make contacts in all 10 Provinces.

3> When the final results are posted my score should be in the top 50%…

This is just a thing with me…. Operating from Ontario as we have (I believe) the most amateurs of any Canadian Province its very hard unless you have a “Contest Quality” station to ever finish in the top 10 in your province without even thinking of the Country,

To prove a point (kind of) in 2017 I operated the contest as VA3QV/VY2 in the QRP Catagory as were were on Holidays in Prince Edward Island at the time. My score was almost laughable (so low) but as there are less Amateurs residing in PEI my score of 2124 points operating from the Picnic Table was enough to win PEI QRP. It was the one and only time I got a top score (in any catagory) in the RAC contests since I got licenced in 1992 .


So (after some rambling) I just want to find my score from the top down rather from the bottom up. After checking the results for the last few years I feel that my estimated score of 18,840 should keep me in the top 50% of the Single Operator Low Power group. Not by much but should be there.

So by my own standards the Contest was a success. It would of been nicer to have more Canadian stations out there. I got 87 Canadian stations in my log and 40 US/DX stations.

I look forward to the RAC Canada Winter Contest in December… but till then its back to chasing POTA


Author: VA3QV

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One thought on “Wrapping up the RAC Canada Day Contest #RACCD”

  1. Good morning Bob very nice to read your post about Canada day, well I moved to the Maritimes about 3 years ago and yes for sure there are fewer hams here BUT that allowed me to finally get a 2 letter call!! As for this year’s Canada day contest I was only in it for a short time. The weather here has been mainly raining for June. I am in the slow process of getting my Hustler 4BTV installed. Finally, on Canada Day the weather was great so it was 5% contest and 95% working on antenna install.
    While in the contest calling CQ RAC (CW) most if not all who came back to me were at the noise floor and in and out. It made it very frustrating to copy. Also, I noticed and was surprised by the lack of Canadian calls out there, for me it was mainly the U.S. and Europe.
    Oh well still had fun and that is what it’s all about.

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