Its the CQ WW CW Contest

This one of my favorite contests…. All The hardcore contesters along with those who think they could do it are filling the CW Portions of the different banks with CQ Contest at speeds that are faster than they can usually send at and also at speeds they could never copy on their best day….

How do I know???? Because back in 2015 I joined them….

A Flex 1500 along with a 43 foot vertical….A Elecraft T1 QRP auto tuner along with some software acheived this:

The software needed was the Software to run the Flex which included a really good contest style keyer….

The receiving software (decoding) was the FREE program CW GET

I started out by just coping the contest and then figured out what was needed in the Macros for the keyer to try and give some points out to those who were taking much more seriously than I was

F1 was my callsign (VA3QV)

F2 was the necessary contest exhange (5nn o4)

F3 was thanks and good bye (73TU)

This bit of magic resulted in 85 contacts made in 49 countries and 28 CQ Zones

Isn’t technology wonderful?


ps…. And before you ask it was a one time special. I will use a decoding app and the contest keyer in my FT991a if the need arises to make the contact (DX or POTA) but CW contesting is just too fast for me to participate in. To those who can…. You are my heroes …..

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