A reminder about Canada Day in Ottawa

I had talked about this in an earlier post but seeing that its about 60 days away I thought I would remind you again…

If you plan of being in Ottawa for the Canada Day Festivities (and its always a great party) why not camp out close to where the action will be?

Are you planning to visit Ottawa for the Canada Day week event this year???

Canada Day in 2017 will be a blast as its also the 150th birthday for Canada.


With the supply of Hotel/Motel rooms starting to dwindle for Canada Day,  the City of Ottawa will be offering RV and Tent Camping (for a price) at some City Arenas and other locations across the City.  

These would be unserviced sites but the Arenas and Community Centers do have washrooms and showers which should (might) be available.  Depending on location available you could be within cycling distance or walking distance of Parliament Hill and Ottawa does have a very good Transit (bus) system.  

Don’t even think of trying to park in downtown Ottawa for Canada Day….  The parking tickets are large and the impound fees even larger…


For more info on the Urban Camping …Please visit the City of Ottawa Website ( http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/recreation-and-parks/events-and-specials#urban- camping-2017 ) 


For more on the Canada 150 Celebrations please visit the Canadian Gov Website ( https://www.canada.ca/en.html )

Although Liz and I won’t be in Ottawa for the festivities…  the party won’t even miss us…  However if you are in PEI during that same time frame and see our rig… drop in and say HI….  The coffee is always on…

Enjoy your summer…