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Freezing Rain in Ottawa

December 12, 2010

Well it started…  Just about the time they said it would…  I woke up this morning to a light new covering of snow and before I finished my first coffee the snow had changed to freezing rain.

Recently the weather guess guy has been fairly accurate with only the amounts of precipitation being slightly off along with the timing being off as well but if he says snow… we get snow… and this time he predicted snow and freezing rain and we are having both…

Now everything he is forcasting is very minor compared to what others have received so far this year or actually getting in this same storm.  Liz and I were looking into relocating into South Western Ontario because of their milder winters.  All I can say is glad we did not move yet because at 100 cm (approx) of snow thats fallen so far…  even if they get no more its way to much for me to want to shovel…

This morning the Metrodome stadium in Minesota became an outdoor stadium when the weight of the snow collaspsed the dome…  Once again I stress whats happening so far in Ottawa is just minor…

With that in mind yesterday when all the predictions of Doom and Gloom were being given out I did listen and went outside before it hit and made sure that the bungee cords that supply the “give” to my W3EDP that I use on my FT847 along with the inverted L I use as a receive antenna for my Timewave ANC4 were functioning ok and would be able to compensate for the effects of the weight of the freezing rain.

So far all is good but even if its not… not much I can do about it now…  I guess if I noticed the antenna wire looking a bit taught at the baluns I could just release it but so far the bungees are doing fine…

If your in Eastern Ontario I would recommend staying inside, staying warm and dry unless you live in my neighborhood as sometime last night between 2am and 7am a watermain broke and I will be heading out shortly with some empty water jugs to fill them up someplace that still has water…  Not a crisis but just damn inconvient…


Hurricane Bill Friday Afternoon

August 21, 2009

This is an unofficial update.  Please check with the

Canadian Hurricane Center

for the most current and accurate information


Map courtesy of the Canadian Hurricane Center

From the Chart you can see that “Bill” will be passing “VERY” close to Sable Island (CY0) and will be also very close to the Islands of St Pierre and Miquelon  (FP) .  Although these islands are just off the Newfoundland Coast (VO1) they are territories of the Republic of France.

For the best in animated projections

check out this link at Stormpulse

As you can see (if you have been following this blog) the tracks for Bill are constantly changing and so if you are anywhere in the area where Bill might be coming for a visit take precautions.

If your callsigns start with VA1/VE1/VE9/VY2/VO1/CY0/FP or to translate if you are in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Sable Island or St Pierre and Micquelon then you really should be getting ready for a CAT 2 Hurricane visiting your area.

If you live NEAR the above mentioned locations then you should be prepared for a CAT1 or a very strong Tropical Storm visiting your area.  Remember its hard to tell the difference between a CAT 2 or a Tropical Storm when you house is being washed away by the storm surge.

You have about 48 hours to prepare for Bills arrival.  Thats plenty of time to evacuate if you feel you need to.  Thats also enough time to re write your will if you feel you don’t need to evacuate.

Please be careful out there and act accordingly…


Looks like “Bill” will visit SABLE ISLAND (CY0)

August 20, 2009


If you follow the latest guess ( I mean prediction or forcast) from the weather people it looks like  Nova Scotia (VA1/VE1) and Newfoundland (VO1) will be taking the brunt of the storm.  New Brunswick (VE9) looks like it will be missing most of it and Prince Edward Island (VY2) should miss most of it as well.


Map courtesy of the Canadian Hurricane Center

When we look at the map however there is this little dot called Sable Island which is the home to a science station, a bunch of wild horses, many seals and a few DXPeditions in its time.

As you can tell from the above map its not that big of an island and if you check the Stormpulse Site you will see that the track of Bill will bring it fairly close to the island.

I’m hoping that all will be OK with the island and its few buildings as it will be a home to a DXPediton in October and lots will be looking for the CY0 Prefix as its fairly rare.

Whatevers supposed to happen won’t be happening for a bit yet.  Best Guess is for Sunday Night/Monday Morning so theres time for the track to change before then….


Hurricane Bill heading to Newfoundland

August 20, 2009

Although we are getting plenty of warning its predicted that sometime on Sunday Evening to Monday that Hurricane Bill will visit the Province of Newfoundland.

BILLtrackPicture courtesty of Canadian Hurricane Center

If you follow the animated graphic map HERE you will see that on the way to Newfoundland it will give the other Maritime Provinces a glancing blow.

Now on to the radio side of things keeping in mind that this is still an Amateur Radio Blog.

The Maritimes (VA1/VE1/VE9/VY2/VO1/VO2) all have an excellent ARES based Amateur Radio Group working with their Provincal Emergency Measures Organisations.  If there is any communications it will most likely occur in the VHF Band as they would be using 2m fm for the most part.

There could be some HF Activity and you could look to the Maritime Net frequency of 3,750, and in Newfoundland look for activity on 3.740 with the Newfoundland and Labrador Evening Traffic Net who would be sharing the Frequency with the EMO (Emergency Measures Organisation) Net.  To be honest I do not expect to hear much 80m traffic as their VHF Repeater systems are so good.

There is still a ways to go before the arrival of Bill but its better to get prepared sooner than later.

More on this closer to the arrival date…


2nd day of “Doom and Gloom”WX Predictions

June 26, 2009

This just in….


“SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH: City of Ottawa Issued at 10:39 AM EDT FRIDAY 26 JUNE 2009



Well yesterday I believed them and they were not quite accurate although the storms seemed to go around Ottawa.  I did disconnect EVERYTHING before I went out last night and then hooked everything up this morning….  I guess I am stuck doing the same thing cause if I don’t then thats when I will take the strike….  Murphys Law no doubt….

Here are the usual links to the Weather Network and Environment Canada and their Weather Radar…  By now you most likely have them bookmarked…

Gordon VE3XGD and Darin VE3OIJ also mention the local Weather and you might want to check their blogs out…

Other than that stay safe and if you can protect the toys….


WX calls for “Sound and Light”- watch antennas

June 25, 2009

Well folks we are getting closer…

Thursday, Friday then Field Day but today we have a bit of an issue….

GAWD ITS HOT OUT TODAY…. Accord to the Weather Network its currently 28 Deg C (thats 82 Deg F for you are not in Canada) but this afternoon the forcast is as follows:

32 C with a humidex of 40C (89F with a humidex of 104F)

This evening we get a bit of a break with

24C with a humidex of 32C (75F with a humidex of 90F)

And overnight we get a break with a temp of 17C (62F)

However there are forcasts for serious Thunder and Lightning (Severe Storms) in this time frame as well and as they do warn us it could spawn something nastier.

There is a “Storm Watch” right now for Southern Ontario and it appears to be heading east so later tonight we will get it…

Keeping a radio on the weather frequency for your area if you are in Eastern Ontario could be a good idea for the next little while!!!


Even though I gave you the link here is a Direct quote from the weather network as of 1213hrs EASTERN…

“A Prairie cold front moving south east across southern Ontario and Quebec today will meet with daytime heating causing thunderstorms.

Some of these thunderstorms may become severe with the possibility of localized flooding, damaging winds and hail. Rainfall amounts could vary significantly across the region as is typical with thunderstorms. While most areas will likely see some rain, amounts will range for nothing to possibly over 50 mm. Hail is possible with the most severe storm cells. Tornadoes are always possible with severe thunderstorms but in this weather situation the tornado risk is low.

With the risk of damaging winds and flooding associated with these thunderstorms, people should take precautions and keep up-to-date on the latest weather conditions.

Severe thunderstorms watches and warnings are already in effect in some areas.”


Getting back to the radio side of things for a bit…. Outside of the monitoring of the weather radio network try doing the “disconnect thing” for your antennas/radios as we don’t really want to test out your grounding system or your lightning  arrestor.

Doing the same with your computers might not be a bad idea as well.  Although I do take these warnings with a grain of salt its better to be safe than sorry.

Enjoy the warm weather, drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and stay safe…


Sunday May 31 2009 and its snowing….

May 31, 2009

This one is hard to believe but I checked into the North Bay Ontario Net on 3.768 this morning and heard that they had had snow in North Bay Ontario this morning.

Later in the morning I checked the local North Bay Nugget (on line) and they ran a small story along with a couple of pictures.  If you follow the link you will see what I mean.

As I am writing this 1230hrs eastern on Sunday I just heard Mike VA3TJP on local repeater VE3MPC saying that it was snowing in Sand Point which is just outside of Arnprior Ontario (Just north west from Ottawa).

What the heck is going on with damp, rainy and now snowy weather this time of the year…So much for Global Warming and also it seems so much for summer…


Its going to Snow in Ottawa…

October 28, 2008


Well here we go again…..

The Weather Network is predicting a “fair amount” of snow for the Ottawa Area starting this afternoon.  Although this is not really an amateur event I am hoping that the wet snow does not add too much extra weight to your antenna structures…  It is however supposed to melt within a day or so…

Keep your fingers crossed….