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If you enjoy CW

March 9, 2012

Seeing that my Foymount activity has been pushed back lets talk about the BERU Contest this weekend.

Yes it is a CW only contest but its a great chance to test your CW Skill, improve on your CW Skills or if you are like me test out your CW reading program.

I prefer the DM780 Program which is part of Ham Radio Deluxe. 

I really doubt that I will be making any contacts but I am hoping to get a few distant stations into my SWL Log…  The only real problem about using any CW Reader is that the computer is expecting perfect code…  Over the years using several different readers I have found that even those CW Operators who use a keyer have a fairly poor fist and you can just forget about the ones using the straight keys…  Their code is great…  the speed is fantastic and they can copy by ear much better than my laptop can but…  As the computer can only read perfect code their fists have to be less than perfect ( Now if that don’t get some comments flying around then nothing will…) as the computer can’t read their code…  From what I have heard using DM780 to rcv along with the Winkeyer to transmit is about the 2nd best way to operate CW.  The best way is to use your God given talents and operate with your ears to RCV and a straight key to Transmit but ….  Like I have mentioned many times in the past…

My CW skills would have to improve by 1000% just to be concidered bad…

But getting back to the contest for a few lines….  In Ottawa members of the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club will be manning the station at the Head Quarters of Radio Amateurs of Canada.  Listen for VA3RAC on the bands.  Congrats go out to the OARC for taking the steps to get the RAC station on the air from RAC HQ.  Speaking from experience this is really impressive as my two attempts to get the RAC station on the air in support of various NTS events were politely but firmly refused for various excuses…  I guess I shoulda been a contester…



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