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A VHF Contest reminder

July 18, 2012

Just to remind you guys + and gals…

CQ WW VHF Contest

Now on Saturday the Weather in Ottawa will be “hot and sunny” if we can trust the predictions of the Weather Network.  So far they have been fairly accurate so I’ll trust them…

The plans so far are to take some basic gear…  FT 817, 10ah battery pack, Camera Tripod with 2m beam, and 17 foot shakespere wonder pole along with the 6m delta loop and set up somewhere…. and operate from the start of the contest for the first 6 hours as VA3QV in the hilltopper catagory.

The beam will be horozontal for this contest

The “Electric Vespa will be providing the transportation so we will be staying in FN25 and to narrow it down even more…  Ottawa South East.

With any luck I can find a picnic table in the shade…

I figure that if the temps stay at 29 dec C as they are saying then if I can manage 6 hours outside I think I’ll be doing fairly good.  This is one portable trip where I think the water will weigh more than the radio gear but 6m has been fairly good recently so the hope is that someone will hear my QRP signal on 2m or 6m and I will have something to brag  blog about after…

There is a reason that they call 6m the “Magic Band”…


FEB World Radio online is now available

January 20, 2011

The title says it all…

If you click on the cover picture you will be taken to the World Radio On Line website where courtesy of CQ Communications you will be given the chance to download the best buy for you money in Amateur Radio information.

Its hard to turn down a deal especially when its free…. All it costs you is the time and bandwith needed to download  a 59 page PDF file…

Thanks to the good people at CQ and WRO for making this available to the Amateur Radio Community.


From the email inbox…

May 20, 2010

Well if your seeing the above banner then you know its time for the monthly FREE World Radio Online Magazine.  The good people at CQ Magazine are nice enough to give us a wonderful and interesting magazine on-line every month.

If you click on the logo for World Radio Online you will be taken to their website where you will find instructions on how to download the complete magazine in a PDF file for FREE!

It makes for excellent reading and did I mention its FREE!???


Ever notice…

February 20, 2010

…that I post more on the weekends???  Seeing that I’m retired I can’t figure out why but I seem to have more to talk about on Saturday and Sunday than I do on Tuesdays and Wednesdays…

Anyway…  In the email inbox came the monthly reminder that my copy of World Radio Online was waiting for downloading off the CQ Website.

If you click on to the World Radio Online Logo (above) you will be brought to the website and then just follow the instructions to Download Your Copy.

As always thanks to the good People at CQ Magazine for giving us a freebee and if you click on the CQ Logo you will taken to their website.


WorldRadio Online

November 20, 2009

Just like clockwork every month I get a reminder from Magazine that my copy of :

is available for downloading from their site.

If you follow THIS LINK you will be taken to the website and have the ability to download the .pdf file.  I strongly recommend you take the time as it makes for really good reading and its also free,