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A busy couple of days

September 24, 2009

Sorry about the delay in getting stuff posted here but its been a busy few days here at the VA3QV QTH…

I have been busy planning the participation of the Ontario Phone Net in the 2009 SET Exercise along with looking after two family birthdays this week.


Happy Birthday to my Daughters Erika (Sept 23) and Jennifer (Sept 24) and don’t worry…  I won’t mention what years…

Twittering for a bit…  I am amazed on how quickly this “TWEETING” stuff is taking off in Amateur Radio.  I signed up to TWITTER just to receive updates from the Project Blue Horizon Balloon Team and although it started slow I seem to be getting about 10 new followers a week and I barely TWEET…  I blog instead….   I guess the next step will be to send out a TWEET every time I update the blog…



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