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The shack makeover starts

June 8, 2011

If you remember back to a previous posting I was planning to change out some gear in the shack….  Well that process has started and heres what has happened so far…

My FT847 has been sold and will most likely replaced by a Yaesu FT450 as I scour the swap nets looking for a good deal on one…  My FT897 will take over as my Home HF Rig till I find a FT450 and then will become my VHF/6m rig. 

As far as antennas go I will be taking down the W3EDP and replacing it with a vertical for 10-20m or 10-40m depending on whats available locally and I am also going to stretch out some wire which will be fed by the FC40 auto tuner which works with the FT897 and will work with the FT450 when I finally get it.  I have also picked up a 2m loop and a 6m loop.  Both loops are made by KB4AB

Above picture shows both loops

I am going to be mounting both loops on a telescopic masting that will get both antennas just above roof height when in use but well below roof height when not in use to keep the neighbors and landlord happy…  I will keep a 2m JPOLE on a short (10 foot) mast for the local repeaters with the FT2900 and I have a discone type antenna I will have up for APRS.

With some luck the loops should be installed in time for this weekends VHF Contest…(June 11-12)

In addition my FT857 is leaving on Wednesday for a test drive and as it works great should be leaving the collection shortly….  I am still concidering the new Elecraft KX3 early next year once I find out if they work as smooth as they look…

I really like some of the specs and features of this new rig and if anything could convince me to put the FT817 on the shelf it might be this one…

I’ll try to update you on how things are going as they get going…




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