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Timewave ANC 4- Performing Well

September 29, 2009

I’m not spending as much time in the shack as I would like to but I am finding the time to test out the ANC 4 under different conditions and so far I am not dissapointed with its performance.

Today (Sept 29) right now (1620hrs Eastern) with the unit turned off my noise level is unusually low at a S7.  That in itself is less than 50% of what my noise on 80m usually is so its a great day to start with.  Yesterday I moved the location of the signal receiving antenna and today was the first day of real testing.  I was able to drop the incoming signal noise down to just below an S3 and for the first time in a long time was able to pick up stations in the “Golden Horseshoe” (the Toronto-Hamilton Area) sector of Ontario during the daytime.


Daytime stations were heard close in (Kingston, Montreal) and futher out (Hamilton, Toronto) with no problems.  Others were heard with some QSB which would be normal for the conditions of today.

The unit does lower noise as well as incoming signals so it is a bit of a compromise but it lowers the noise more than it lowers the signals so we can hear more with it than without.

However I will mention that when my noise was S9 +20 a few days ago having the noise lowered down to S7 still was pretty bad but having the noise at a S7 and lowered to a S3 is FANTASTIC.


Am I pleased with it???—>YES

Would I recommend it???—> SO FAR

Would I buy one???—> Leaning towards saying YES

So far its a keeper but the testing will continue…