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Fixing a broken link…

June 26, 2009

After doing some checking it seems that I have a broken link.  The link mentioned several times in the last 18 months for the Maple Island DXPedition is no longer working.

The DXPedition site is also here and this links works as of todays date…

Sorry for any mixups…

and as a reminder please send me an email—or just make a comment if you find a broken link on this blog.  I will try and do my best to rectify the problem if I can.


84 EQSL Cards sent out

May 30, 2009

Yup that right…84 of them and some of them have been waiting for almost 5 years…  Why you might ask???   The biggest reason is that I do not (actually did not) use the EQSL Service.

Last night while surfing on the WWW I found a link and all I had to do was enter my callsign and I would find out if there were any QSL cards for me holding at the EQSL Server.  Just for the heck of it I entered my callsign and found out that there were 84 people who had EQSL’ed me over the years.  The earliest one I found was from September 2005 from the VA3SIE/VA3QV Maple Island QRP DXPedition.

Now to be honest I know very little about EQSL but I figured even though I had specified No EQSL and No LOTW on my QRZ Info Page there would not be that much I had to know about it.  It seems I was in error and now I have signed up for EQSL and am in the process of sending out 84 cards out to those who have sent to me.

If you are one of the 84 and wondering why it took so long for the reply…  Now you know…   I was not expecting any so I never checked…  Even the cards coming in through the BURO have slowed greatly in the last 6 months…  Obivously VA3 (Canada/Ontario) is not that rare for DXCC.  It also seems that FN25 is not a rare grid square either.

I prefer to receive cards direct or via the BURO and will reply with one of my custom made cards which are usually made up for a specific event but if you EQSL me I will now reply.

Here are some examples of my custom cards:

This one is my Winter OP Portable CardVA3QV_Portable_qsl


This one is from the RAC Canada Day Contest



Heres the card I used for the Canada Winter Contest…

wintercontestQSLBut now I also EQSL…



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