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Upcoming Amateur Radio Event

August 3, 2015

I got this in my email inbox from fellow blogger Bill VE3CLQ…. 

Its speaks for itself and its worth a read…

Greetings all, coming up on August 29th is the W/VE Island QSO Party.  
Traditionally this event has been held in late October, and our club has activated a number of islands that day.  Due to the cold weather last year and the very poor participation numbers from Canadians, the US Island Award event sponsors have agreed to a permanent move of the event date into the warm weather of late August.
Over the past 7 years there has been less and less Canadian participation in the event, some due to the weather of late October, and some do to the issues related to lack of advertising by the management of the old, now cancelled, Canadian Islands Award program.  Hopefully this change of date and a lot more advertising can change this.
This email is being sent to hams coast to coast, and a few in the middle, in the hope that we can get the word out and start rebuilding this event in Canada.  If you write a blog, please write about and push this event, mention it on your club’s repeater, and most of all pick and island and get out there and take part.
We have had our first Canadian activation notice from the guys who live around Grimsby, Ontario, and they plan on being active both Saturday and Sunday (but the actual event is only on the Saturday).
Have a look at:  Details of who’s activating what will be posted there.

Speaking from experience this Island activation can be fun….  You get to take your portable gear out into the field and play radio in whats hopefully good weather for a few hours…. If the “Propagation Ghods” are co operating you should find out what its like to be controlling a pile up…  If not you will still make a few contacts and still have fun….

Here are a couple of hints for operating from an island:

Remember the locals-  Looking for rare DX is fine and dandy but…. working an hour on 40m and/or on 80m can give the close in operators a chance to get an island in the log as well.  The same could be said for making a couple of calls on your local 2m fm frequency.

maple island

Whatever battery you would take out to the field….  Double it.… I normally use a 7ah battery in the field with my ft 817 but after calling CQ for 4 hours non stop I did need to put in the 2nd battery to continue on with the activation of Maple Island back in 2005.

Spend more time on the air than getting on the air…. A simple multi band antenna that you can install quickly will usually get you more contacts that the more complex antennas.  You most likely will be time challenged  so keep it simple and use your time wisely


Test your station then pack it and leave it packed till your event.  Once you know everything works… pack it in its bag and DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING till you take it to the island.


If you pack it away complete then you can’t forget anything at home (coax, microphones and power cords come to mind speaking from experience)

Don’t forget the logbook and extra pens….  Know your operating location… Do you need to bring a folding table and camp chair or are their picnic tables???


If you do cause a pile up… and you feel overwhelmed don’t hesitate to slow things down to your speed…  They want you in the log more than you want them… and remember in 99% they have more power than you and most likely a better antenna so don’t get upset if you can’t work everyone you can hear…. but try and work everyone who can hear you…


Finally don’t forget to have fun….  It has to be fun because if its not… Why did you do it?


Fixing a broken link…

June 26, 2009

After doing some checking it seems that I have a broken link.  The link mentioned several times in the last 18 months for the Maple Island DXPedition is no longer working.

The DXPedition site is also here and this links works as of todays date…

Sorry for any mixups…

and as a reminder please send me an email—or just make a comment if you find a broken link on this blog.  I will try and do my best to rectify the problem if I can.


84 EQSL Cards sent out

May 30, 2009

Yup that right…84 of them and some of them have been waiting for almost 5 years…  Why you might ask???   The biggest reason is that I do not (actually did not) use the EQSL Service.

Last night while surfing on the WWW I found a link and all I had to do was enter my callsign and I would find out if there were any QSL cards for me holding at the EQSL Server.  Just for the heck of it I entered my callsign and found out that there were 84 people who had EQSL’ed me over the years.  The earliest one I found was from September 2005 from the VA3SIE/VA3QV Maple Island QRP DXPedition.

Now to be honest I know very little about EQSL but I figured even though I had specified No EQSL and No LOTW on my QRZ Info Page there would not be that much I had to know about it.  It seems I was in error and now I have signed up for EQSL and am in the process of sending out 84 cards out to those who have sent to me.

If you are one of the 84 and wondering why it took so long for the reply…  Now you know…   I was not expecting any so I never checked…  Even the cards coming in through the BURO have slowed greatly in the last 6 months…  Obivously VA3 (Canada/Ontario) is not that rare for DXCC.  It also seems that FN25 is not a rare grid square either.

I prefer to receive cards direct or via the BURO and will reply with one of my custom made cards which are usually made up for a specific event but if you EQSL me I will now reply.

Here are some examples of my custom cards:

This one is my Winter OP Portable CardVA3QV_Portable_qsl


This one is from the RAC Canada Day Contest



Heres the card I used for the Canada Winter Contest…

wintercontestQSLBut now I also EQSL…