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Ontarios Driving while Distracted Law

October 1, 2009

Well here we go….  more comments on Ontario Bill C118 which on the news last night was called the stongest “Driving while Distracted Law in Canada” .

cellphoneNot only does it hit (and rightly so) the expected Cell Phones and Texting Devices, DVD Players and other such devices that really fall under the relm of common sense they also hit (and hit very hard) just about anything (if not everything) that has a michrophone attached.

That includes our Amateur Radios, CB Radios, Private Commercal Radios.  They did give us a 3 year exemption to try and get the tech goodies set up so we can safely operate our toys but eventually it will hit us and very hard.

Cell_Phones_earsetThe words “Blue Tooth” will suddenly become part of the Amateur Radio operators vocabulary…


Now in the midst of all this did anyone (can anyone) remember how we got into the middle of the Debate on Driving while distracted?

After talking to some friends and listening to some others who were commenting I came up (and others seem to agree) with the following:

“We did this to our selves…”


And heres how I mean it…

From Day 1 of this mess NOWHERE did it actually mention Amateur Radio, CB Radio or Private Commercal Radios.  It mentioned Cell Phones & Text Messages, DVD Players and added the comments about a Display Screen to cover anything they forgot…

We then jumped on the bandwagon (and I am as guilty as the rest of you) demanding that you contact your MPP and tell them all about Amateur Radio and how great we are,  how trained we are and how safe we are…

And suddenly the burocrats, (the people who tell our elected officials what to do and how to do it) suddenly found out that there was a whole bunch of electonic devices out there and boy did they do their homework.

After asking for a few new model numbers (such as ICOM 7000 and Kenwood D710) they probally did a “Google Search” and found the same pictures I did…


Look at the Pretty full colour display on this one… and if they did their homework they would find that it even hooks up to a monitor…


And this one even says “Mail” right on the display and Mail is like Texting right???

kenwood710-andGPSAnd look this one attaches to a monitor as well…

So here we go guys…  This one (in my opinion )is self inflicted.  It has been caused by poor but well intended Lobbying.  Up untill we started this Lobbying they did not even know Amateur Radio existed.  Right up untill the very end we were off the radar…  They never even mentioned Amateur Radio in any of their early statements.

Now they know about Amateur Radio….  And we have restrictions….

They do allow comercial concerns to use Mobile Date Terminals (so Taxis and Delivery Companies and Dispatch services are safe)


Police, Fire and EMS  are Exempt (as they should be)but their setup does look a bit distracting…


Now all is not lost but it is getting close…  We do have a 3 year period of grace to get our new toys ready to go (or get our old toys adapted to hands free use) so we do have time.

This gives us 2 years to get a Plan into place and get Lobbying.  This problem will eventually effect ALL AMATEURS.  It was mentioned that Ontario’s Bill is the Strongest (so far) in Canada.  What has happened in Ontario will most likely become the benchmark for future provinces and will be strongly looked at when other Provinces look at amending their bills.

Some of you have been contributing to the RAC Defence of Amateur Radio Fund and I think its time some of this money got spent on trying to get this issue.  This will in time effect all Canadian Amateurs as well as other mentioned in the bill.

Perhaps its time for a Amateur Radio/Truckers coalition to combine forces as there are more truckers on CB 19 than hams on 146.520 and they have the same 3 year deadline on going hands free that we do…

There is no one to blame for this without looking in the mirror but… we were trying…

Now is the time for a Nationial Group to jump in and bring a solid plan to the table and save the day…


Just in case however if you hear of a Startup Company that provides hands free devices to communications gear that is looking for investors please let me know…


Driving while distracted from Local Media

September 30, 2009

LI got this from the Ottawa Sun (Sun Media) and thought I was worth sharing with you as we have been looking at this topic since the debate started…



Cellphone driver ban on hold until later this fall


Last Updated: 30th September 2009, 2:48am

TORONTO — Don’t hang up that phone just yet.

Legislation banning the use of handheld electronics while driving is expected to come into effect this fall, but the province has not yet set a date.

Toronto Police Sgt. Tim Burrows said the force has been told the law could kick in between late October and late November.

When the new restrictions are in place, drivers who text, type, e-mail, dial or chat using a handheld device will face a fine of $60 to a maximum of $500 upon conviction. Hands-free devices will still be okay.


Thanks again to the Ottawa Sun for this story