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Testing out the W3EDP and bragging…

October 20, 2009

Well over the last few days I have been trying to get contacts on the various bands and try and get some sort of idea how things should work with the updated version of the W3EDP antenna.


This drawing best describes what I have set up and how its set up at the home QTH.  Nothing fancy just the 100w that Yaesu provides and the maximum height would be approx 25 feet above ground.

This antenna setup is also very stealthy as the only part of the antenna visiable is a length of light blue 14 gage wire that runs just above roof height from my back yard tree to my front yard tree.  No one has even commented on it yet…

No interference complaints as of yet either!!!

I also have the Timewave ANC4 Noise Cancelling Device in line before the tuner if needed.  On some bands I don’t need it so I take it out of line.


On 80m I normally need the filter and sometimes on 160m and 40m.  So far I have not needed the filter on 20m and above.

Due to poor band conditions(am I ever getting tired of saying that) I have only made groundwave contacts on 10m and 12m with a local amateur just to prove it works.

I have worked the Canary Islands on 15m, the Grand Cayman Islands on 17m and across Europe and North America on 20m with no problems.  Nothing west of VE7 yet but I am hoping…

On 40m I have worked the eastern parts of Canada and the United States (VE1, VE2, VE3, VE9. VY2, W2, W3, W4) with little effort and 80m has proven itself  just as good and you can add VE4, VE5 and VE6 to the list of areas contacted.

I am really impressed with the 160 meter band.  This is a very new band for me and I love it.  I never even thought of playing there before because everyone told me I could not operate there due to antenna size vs my operationial area and the lack of real estate I have at home.  Thats what I get for listening to the “so called  experts…”

The 160m band is easily filling the gap of short range communications (within 400 miles) that I lost when 80m started to go long as the fall arrives.  I am having a great time chatting with VE1, VE9, VE2, VE3, W2 and W3 amateurs so far and I’m sure I could get more areas in the log if I could spend more time in the shack.

Lets see now…  100 feet of wire is around $20.00 CDN at the local automotive store.  The 4:1 balun was already in stock as was the coax.  The local hardware store gave me the Paint Stir Sticks for free with the hope that next time I need a gallon of paint I will remember them… so…  On a cost per contact basis the $20.00 I spent on the wire is one heck of a bargain.

I could not ask for a better antenna.  I can operate 10m to 160m and its stealthy.

A 48 foot tower or a 64 foot tower in the backyard behind the house is just not going to happen here…  No beams just small verticals and one W3EDP that is working better than I could ever hope for.

It may or may not work in your situation but you would be hard pressed not to find a variation of this antenna that you could not use…


“New” W3EDP Antenna update

October 18, 2009

Well its Sunday Morning and so far things have been going well with the newly orientated W3EDP. The mostly vertical configuration seems to be lowering my noise level slightly without having any effect on the incoming signals. The slightly lower noise level makes it that much easier for my newly acquired Timewave ANC-4 to lower the noise down to a level that makes it a pleasure to listen to the bands.


I will stress that I was able to “Try before I bought” and therefore I knew that the unit would work with my style of noise.  I have heard of some people who were not as lucky,  The person I bought this used from is one of those people. So although I do recomened this style of unit please remember that it may not work for everyone.  Use this recomendation with a grain of salt and you purchase at your own risk,

Getting back to the W3EDP antenna I found this website/blog with all sorts of great information along with a couple of pictures that show the way I have got mine set up.  I actually got the idea for the build from these pictures.  The main difference is that I went more vertical than horizontal but the design ideas are the same.

W3EDP Antennahorizontal

Picture coutesy of

W3EDP Spreaders - A

Picture coutesy of


Time for a Coffee…. after a job well done……..


Good results with “RE-Worked” W3EDP

October 18, 2009

Well today “Some” of my amateur radio related yardwork got done as it was a fantastic afternoon.

My flimsy 30 foot telescopic mast got taken down and put away in the basement till the spring.  I used to have two of them but last year I decided I did not need to take it down…  Now I have one left and I take it down and store it inside away from the freezing rain and ice…

In its place my J Pole now rests on a 12 foot (or so) lenght of masting as as thats all I need for the local repeaters on VHF/UHF it will work fine.  Using my FT 897 (yes I know its a bit of overkill using that rig on FM only) with the dual band JPole at 12 feet I can bring up all the local Ottawa Repeaters with no problems at the lowest power levels.

Today I also tried playing around with my W3EDP antenna.  For those of you who are not familure with that style of antenna its best described as a 85 foot long wire with a 17 foot counterpoise.  I have used a tuner and a direct connct (no balun) also used a 1:1 balun and my last attempts (modifications) have been done with a 4:1 balun which by the way gives me the best results so far.

My first versions were built rather lightly with a home brewed 4:1 balun and I had good results with my FT 817 along with my LDG Qrp auto tuner at QRP Levels.

So from the video above you can see that the antenna is quick and easy as its an end fed style antenna and the early versions were QRP but had good receive qualitites for 80m on a Sunday Afternoon.

Here is the first version of my W3EDP (the one in the video)..


Todays changes to the W3EDP consisted of running both the 85 foot long element and the 17 foot counterpoise in a vertical configuration.  Now after about 30 feet (or so) it turns more into an inverted L but I think you get the picture.


Now on the good side of things….  Running both elements vertical seems to have removed some of the noise I used to pick up when the 17 foot counterpoise was horizontal.  Now using my Timewave ANC-4 I can bring the noise level down almost to zero.  This is much better than the S9 + noise level I used to have on 80m.

Still on the good side of things I seem to have picked up a new band.  Just for the heck of it I tuned up on 1.890 and hit the auto tune button and it loaded up quickly.  I figured it was now a fancy dummy load but I did hear WA3PBL Chris calling CQ and figured why not give it a try.  We had a great QSO and I was getting 5-7 to 5-9 with an occasional little more in the signal reports.


As you can see from his QRZ Picture he has a bit more antenna than I do…

He could not really believe what I was using on the “Top Band” and to be honest I could not really believe it either…  This was a distance of around 420 miles from my QTH in Ottawa to Chris’s QTH just outside of Pittsburgh PA.  Not bad for 100w and a lenght of wire eh!!!

So here I am now…  Operating 10m to 160m with good signal reports using 100w and a W3EDP in a sort of inverted L configuration and I am having a blast…  Never really worked 160m before as I thought I did not have enough real estate….

Lets see if Sunday gets going as good as Saturday…….


Timewave ANC 4- Performing Well

September 29, 2009

I’m not spending as much time in the shack as I would like to but I am finding the time to test out the ANC 4 under different conditions and so far I am not dissapointed with its performance.

Today (Sept 29) right now (1620hrs Eastern) with the unit turned off my noise level is unusually low at a S7.  That in itself is less than 50% of what my noise on 80m usually is so its a great day to start with.  Yesterday I moved the location of the signal receiving antenna and today was the first day of real testing.  I was able to drop the incoming signal noise down to just below an S3 and for the first time in a long time was able to pick up stations in the “Golden Horseshoe” (the Toronto-Hamilton Area) sector of Ontario during the daytime.


Daytime stations were heard close in (Kingston, Montreal) and futher out (Hamilton, Toronto) with no problems.  Others were heard with some QSB which would be normal for the conditions of today.

The unit does lower noise as well as incoming signals so it is a bit of a compromise but it lowers the noise more than it lowers the signals so we can hear more with it than without.

However I will mention that when my noise was S9 +20 a few days ago having the noise lowered down to S7 still was pretty bad but having the noise at a S7 and lowered to a S3 is FANTASTIC.


Am I pleased with it???—>YES

Would I recommend it???—> SO FAR

Would I buy one???—> Leaning towards saying YES

So far its a keeper but the testing will continue…


Timewave ANC 4- Testing continues

September 27, 2009

If you refer back to yesterdays post you know that I am now “playing” I mean testing out a very lightly used Timewave ANC 4 Noise Cancelling Device.


Timewave ANC-4 “RF Noise Canceller”

And so far I am pleased but puzzled with the results found…  Last night I tested it out using my FT847 and LDG Z100 Autotuner.  I was using  a 50 foot dipole (25 feet per side) as a non resonant recieving antenna to pick up the noise that the device is supposed to phase shift to lower my actual noise level.



It brought my noise on 80m which is the only band I really have troubles on from a S9 + down to around S5 which was excellent.  I should mention that I also find it lowers signals as well as noise but it lowers the noise more and its much easier to listen to a S5 signal with a low noise level than a S9 signal with a high noise level so I have to say it works.

Today (Sunday) as I am experimenting decided to see it the ANC 4 would work with my FT 897D which I use sometimes in the field and also as my backup HF rig here in the shack…

ft897dNow all I did was swap out the 847 and Deep Cycle RV Battery out for the FT897 and 30ah battery pack.  The tuner remained the same, the antenna and grounding system remained the same…  All I did was switch out the radio and change batteries…

The results were not promising….  What was a S9 +20 noise level before was now a S9 +30 noise level and the ANC 4 would not bring the noise level down below a S9 +20….

Now I am at a loss as to what the HECK is going on but I guess more testing is needed.  I do remember seeing something in the EHAM Reviews about having to put up a 2nd resonant dipole up to use to supple the signal to shift out of phase in extreme cases so I guess later this week I will put up my multi band vertical and try using that as the receiveing antenna….  If this above statement has really cofused you just head over to the Timewave website (the link is just below the picture of the device) and read the PDF Manual file as they explain it much better than I could…

So I still stand by my earlier comments that “IT WORKS” but now I will add the disclaimer that it work(ed) with my FT 847.  I will also say that much more testing is needed before I can say it works with all my HF rigs…

Just in case you have used one of these devices in the past and could share a secret on how to get it to function better please feel free to leave me a comment on this post… I wont have much time till later in the week due to a couple of other commitments along with a forcast of rain to try changing much so it look like this will get the time it deserves late this week…  The ARES Ontario SET exercise is this Saturday so it better be done by then….

More as I find the time to do the changes….