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VA3QV/m to Gananoque and return

May 27, 2009

If you remember from yesterdays entry…

“Tomorrow AM (Wed AM) Erika and myself will be departing Ottawa early for a trip to Gananoque Ontario to pick up Trisha and return to Ottawa.  I borrowed a mini van from my eldest Daughter and her hubby and can’t really see how I’m going to hook on the 80m hustler for the trip so it looks like it will be 2m only for the trip.  I do have a mount which might work with a bit of luck so give a listen tomorrow on ONTARS along with the usual eastern Ontario Repeaters and I go from here to there and back…”

Well we made it there and we made it back.   I operated on 80m ssb and 2m fm.  On the 2m side I used the following repeaters…  Ottawa 147.150, Lavant 146.640, Christie Lake 145.230 and Kingston 146.940 and had interesting QSOs on every machine.  In between 2m contacts I rode along with the ONTARS Net on 3.755 and was able to check in with 4 different controllers and also have a QSO with Ian VE3HMS.

We travelled from Ottawa to North Gower, to Smith Falls, to Seelys Bay and then South to Gananoque which was taking the “Senile Route Scenic Route”.  The return was a bit quicker taking the 401 East with a stop at the chew and choke in Mallorytown then to the 416 North to Ottawa.  We left Ottawa just before 0800 and returned at 1400 so not bad for a 6 hour trip.

The route we took is here…

The mount I made to support the 80m hamstick on the trailer hitch survived “Just” with the added weight of the Hustler and the 80m coil. Remember that hamsticks are lighter than hustlers… Metal fatique had occured and its a good thing the trip was not any longer as the mount will now have to be re built to take the added weight into concideration.  Good thing it was not a screwdriver or there would be tears ….

It will be  a  “radio active” evening after I get the van dropped back off to my daughter and her family and get back home…


Noise Level down…antenna is up

May 27, 2009

Well that line just about says it all.  Today I was able to finish the antenna installation and its as good as its going to get…

It (Homebrewed Inverted “L”) loads up fine with the FT847 and my LDG Z100 Autotuner from 10m to 160m.  I have made contacts so far on 20m, 40m and 80m but I feel confident about the rest of the bands….

The noise level has dropped to between S7 and S9 on 80m and has dropped appropiately on the other bands.  A big change from the S9+30 on 80m the other night.  The noise is down enough that the FT 847’s DSP and noise reduction filters can usually handle things…

In  a perfect world I would have a few more radials but the world ain’t perfect so I am a bit challenged in the west direction seeing that my own residence blocks me to the west so I have no full radials facing west.  Maybe a 10m 1/4w radial at the best but…its better than nothing…

Right now this is the best antenna system I have been able to use from home since the ice storm of 1998 removed the part of the maple tree that held my old G5RV.  Signal reports tend to be good and the noise I have is just what is expected being in an urban location.  Way too many electrical toys in my neighbourhood …

Now all I have to do is work on the 2m and 70cm SSB antennas a bit more and I’ll be ready for the June VHF Contest, Field Day and the RAC Canada Day Contest.  3 Contests in two weeks (and a bit) will be a great time for radio…

Tomorrow AM (Wed AM) Erika and myself will be departing Ottawa early for a trip to Gananoque Ontario to pick up Trisha and return to Ottawa.  I borrowed a mini van from my eldest Daughter and her hubby and can’t really see how I’m going to hook on the 80m hustler for the trip so it looks like it will be 2m only for the trip.  I do have a mount which might work with a bit of luck so give a listen tomorrow on ONTARS along with the usual eastern Ontario Repeaters and I go from here to there and back…


VA3QV/bike mobile

May 2, 2009

Well guys,

I just got in from my first bike ride of the year and also got to participate from a local park in the OVMRC 2M SIMPLEX CONTEST.  I got in an approx 5km bike ride (without having a Heart Attack) which is a good thing.  As some of you who know me that has been an issue in the past and so it shows that all the work my Doctor has been doing was good for me…. 

No stress, a change in diet with some exercise = NO CHEST PAINS

Back to the radio stuff though…  I rode around the neighborhood checking out Hutton Park, Balena Park, Riverview Public School and Dale Park before before picking Grasshopper Hill Park.  If you zoom in on Grasshopper Park you will notice two ball diamonds.  I was set up on the bleachers at the 2nd diamond (the diamond on the right of your screen)

Contacts were made with VA3CKD, VE3JW, VE3NPO, VE3QSO, VA3SIE, VA3TOO, VE3EUS.  I also heard VE3WEH and  VA3RDC/m.  In addition VA3SIE was operating as a rover and I worked him in several wards…

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride and also playing in the park.  One thing I forgot about was the wind and using a flexable vertical antenna.  Usually I operate HF or VHF SSB which means horizontal dipole style portable antennas…  This time it was different….

For the contest I was using my FT817 (yes I used it on FM….) along with my 6m ribbon J pole which is constructed out of 450 ohm ladderline.  I figured that it might have a bit more gain than the 2m ribbon J pole… To be honest as I never did any A/B testing even though I have both antennas…. I’m not sure…  I was working on the principal that a 1/4 antenna on 6m is also a 5/8w on 2m.   Given that plan then it might be correct for me to guess that a 1/2 wave J pole for 6m is almost a full wave on 2m.  Now I might be wrong on that one but…  The SWR was good….  Nothing Blew Up and I did make contacts…

I also made a couple of Videos for my You Tube Site for the contest but…. Once again I am not a filmaker or a camera man ….

AND IF I COULD FIND THE ^&*^&%$!!@@##$$##%^&( Usb cable that goes from the camera to my laptop you might be clicking on the links right now to see them….  Once I find the cable I will post them and let you know

Right now its time to charge up the batteries, both the radios and mine…  Liz and myself have to out for a while so…Look later tonight for the videos….


Saturday is the Iroquois ARC Flea market

April 3, 2009

For those of you within driving range of Eastern Ontario the Iroquois ARC is holding their annual Ham Flea Market this Saturday.  One of the nicest and friendliest events around.  With no admission charge to come in to spend your money it always gives a good crowd to the vendors.  This is one not to miss…


After saying that I think I will be missing it as I have some family stuff do do on Saturday along with the fact that despite the good efforts of the mechanics VA3QV/m has headed to the crusher as the front end damage from the winter snow bank incident turned out to be fatal.  They fixxed it once and then it broke again and now… RIP…  It was an old truck but like all old pickup trucks that run well the frame finally gave out…  Its spirit was willing ….  So seeing that I need a ride…  and Liz has some plans its hard to do two things in one day as I would be dependant on someone elses schedule to get me home in time… I have decided its easier to keep Liz happy and pass on this event…


Above- the last picture of VA3QV/m

Anyways if you have the time and are within driving distance its well worth the trip…  Let me know what deals you got….  or what deals you missed!!!


Good news to start the weekend

January 31, 2009

This has started out to be a good weekend for several reasons….

FIRST REASON- OC TRANSPO STRIKE SETTLED…  It seems that both the union and the city were not too impressed with the idea of back to work leglisation.  It seems the Labour minister told them what would happen once the bill was passed and gave them the chance to settle now and save a few days or be ordered back…  Both sides chose to settle and say that they won rather than admitting defeat.  I however still stand behind my earlier posting that mentioned the fact that with President Obama coming for a visit in mid Feburary that it would of been maddening and frustrating for the Ottawa Residents to have to interrupt their travel plans more than usual to accomodate security concerns.  I also feel that Prime Minister Harper did not want to be embarrased by the World Media Outlets using the Transit Strike as background information.  For whatever reason the strike is over and now they are trying to get the vehicles back on the road ASAP…

2nd Reason VA3QV/m is back on the road-  Early in January (right after I returned to Ottawa after droping Trisha off in Gananoque my trusty pickup truck had an argument with a “more solid” snowbank than I thought it was.  The result was that the front wheels were not pointing exactly in the same direction.  The repairs were inexpensive but time consuming but now the famous VA3QV/m is back on the road.  After heading out for a test drive last night all that is needed is a wheel allignment in the near future but I will hold off on that until I can get some new tires which are now on my shopping list…  It was nice to drive home last night from the garage and although the last 3 weeks have been good on my health…  Its nicer to drive than to walk in the cold…

3rd Reason is that I am finding the time to play radio- Now not much was done on Friday evening on the radio but so far on the Saturday morning thing have just been great.  The morning started with a chat with Barry VE3ISX who is the Net Manager and who was also the NCS at that hour for the ONTARS Net on 3.755.  Barry had an excellent signal into Ottawa from his QTH in Hamilton Ontario.  Shortly after that a nice ragchew was held here in Ottawa locally with Don VA3GFD on the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club’s  repeater VE3TWO.  We managed to tell tall tales untill just before 1000 hrs local when I switched over to the 40m band for the Pothole net…  VE3GX, VE3XRA, VE3WEH, VA3AE and myself had a nice roundtable session. 

Right after the net concluded I jumped back over to 80m and checked in with Norm VE3NLH who was the NCS for that hour of the ONTARS Net.  Norm lives in Northern Ontario and is usually not in my range during the day time on 80m.  We have had many chats in the past in the evenings on 3.730 and early mornings on ONTARS but daytime contacts are rare…

Like I said its been a good start to the weekend….



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