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November World Radio on Line now available

October 21, 2010

Every month I get the reminder to head over to the World Radio Online website and download the latest issue in .pdf format courtesy of CQ Publications.

Here is my reminder which I pass on to you…


The November 2010 edition of WorldRadio Online magazine is live and posted free at:

This edition is full of interesting features and columns including:

* YLs Across the Bands and the Globe
* A Primer on Gray Line Propagation
* The Single Life: A Simpler Way of Keying
* Krusty Ol’ Kurt Looks At Sleeves, Halyards and More
* All Hands On Deck: Vintage Gear Called Into Action

In addition, you’ll find regular columns including: QCWA, Propagation, Trail-Friendly Radio, Rules and Regulations, Hamfests and Special Events, Contest Calendar and DX Predictions.

You’re also invited to join in a live online chat with WRO Editor Richard Fisher, KI6SN, on Sunday, November 7 at 8 p.m. Eastern time. It’s at:

To access November’s WRO . . .

DOWNLOADING: The entire edition can be downloaded by clicking on the photo of the cover (left) on the WRO Welcome page: If you’d like to download the magazine in smaller sections, click on the Table of Contents page (on the right – recommended for users with slower Internet connections).

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, simply scroll to the bottom-left of the WRO Welcome page and click for a free download.

VISIT OUR ARCHIVES: To download recent editions of WRO, click on the PREVIOUS 2010 ISSUES link on the Welcome page.

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You’ll find highlights of the latest edition and information about other CQ Communications, Inc. publications including CQ VHF and Popular Communications magazines. You can also browse CQ’s Online Store.

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Its a free offering and its well worth the time spent downloading it.

If anyone from RAC still reads this blog I really think this is the way for the TCA to go but its your choice/decision.

Standard Disclaimer:

I have no financial interest in CQ Publications.  They tell me about a free amateur publication and I share it with you.

This a “not for profit blog!”.


From the RAC Website

August 2, 2010

Last night while doing my nightly surfing I checked out our RAC website and I was pleased to find out that the June Directors Minutes had been posted on the website.  This is one of the quickest postings in recent history as the July Directors meeting where the June Minutes were accepted is only about a week or so old.  Concidering that everyone seems to have something to do in the summertime I am quite impressed with how quickly everything got done…Congrats…

My name is Bob, my callsign is VA3QV and I am a member of RAC…

I like to say that before I take a stand on something because as a member I have the right to state an opinion.  I paid my money so I get to b!tch…

So after that statement here we go…

Before the board and the executive gets a swelled head for the above posting I also notice that the minutes are still being posted in the members only section of the website.  I understand their way of thinking that as its internal correspondance that it should only be available to the RAC members but… at this time where RAC is doing its best to get new members why are we keeping two  of the only ways we can let prospective members know and see what we are doing?

The RAC Blog is doing an excellent  job of keeping us informed but that is only one avenue of communication…

All the good things RAC does seems to be mentioned in the TCA and the great management we have is shown in the board minutes.  BUT…  Non members cannot access the board minutes and Non Members don’t get the TCA…

Therefore I really think it would go a long way to helping the people working their butts off trying to get us (RAC) new members if we could say take a look at the TCA on line and see what you get or…. We have super management take a look at the minutes of the last few meetings and see what I mean…

The directors minutes used to be posted in the general section of the RAC Website and was suddenly moved after many years of being open to the public.

The Canadian Amateur Magazine could easily posted on the website as a PDF file for all to download and read (delayed slightly so the Paid up members could read their hard copy first).  This would show prospective members what they could expect and also haveing more people reading the advertisments as they would be on hard copy as well as available on PDF would most likely make our advertisers very happy and could also generate some new revenue.

This idea worked for CQ Magazine with their World Radio Online publication.

So lets make things a bit more transparent and show off our great organisation  to the Canadian Amateur Community and prove to them that we have a well run efficient group for them to join.

Today my friends that is the view from the Cheap Seats….


August World Radio On Line now out

July 20, 2010

It seems that someone in magazine publishing came out with a fanatastic idea.  That idea would be to publish an “On Line Magazine”…  No printing costs and the bandwidth on the WWW is next to nothing compared to the price of paper…  This allows for the advertisments to pay the expenses and we get to download it for FREE…

So if you click on the logo below you will go to the WRO site and then look around and follow the instructions for downloading the latest issue…

And of course thanks to CQ Magazine for giving us the free reading material…

And speaking of CQ…

Don’t forget the CQ VHF Contest is this weekend!!!