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Christmas… A time for giving…

December 21, 2015

They tell us that “its better to give than receive”….

santaThis past weekend I put it to the test and gave out some contacts in the RAC Canada Winter Contest…

Due to other commitments I was only able to participate for two hours but I was able to reach out and contact 28 fellow amateurs (21 Canadian and 7 DX) and give them the “Ontario” Multiplier and my best wishes…


For the record my unsubmitted score will be 224 points X 14 multis for a total of 3136 points…

My scores have been higher in the past but then I usually can devote more time to the contest.  This year I just could not do that…



The Flex 1500 along with my LDG QRP Autotuner allowed me to make contacts on 6m (ssb), 10m (ssb) , 15m (ssb), 20m (ssb &cw), 40m (ssb & cw), 80m (ssb & cw) and 160m  (ssb & cw)

Yaesu FT-60R

Using my Yaesu FT 60 dual band handie and an external antenna I also managed a contact on 2m fm.


I managed to work VE1, VE2, VE3 and VE9 with 5w and a wire on various bands and modes. 

The evening bands seems to be cooperating and from what I have seen on a few of the message groups on line those who were lucky enough to participate in the daytime hours had fun on the higher bands as well.


It sounds like everyone had fun and lots of contacts were made…  Thanks to RAC for organizing the contest once again and hopefully I’ll be around for the RAC Canada Day Contest and get you in the log then…


Welcome the VX1r to the shack

October 29, 2010

If you can read this… Thank A Teacher…

If you read this in English… Thank a Veteran!

“Lest we forget…”


I forgot to mention earlier…

When I was at the OVMRC Meeting I picked up a “Gently Used”  Yaesu VX1r which is a dual band Handheld.  The radio came from the Estate of my old friend Larry whose call of VE3WEH has been assumed by his daughter Cindy  who also is an amateur radio operator.

This rig is a “tiny little thing… ” It is smaller than my Yaesu MH31 hand mich.   I have had Pagers that were larger.  It is low powered but falls into the  “No Excuse catagory”.  I now have “NO EXCUSE” for not listening to the repeater.  It fits into my pocket without issues…  Or comments…

“Is that a radio in your pocket or are you glad to see me?”

It came with two battery packs and a “AA” battery holder and seeing how little power it draws I don’t ever expect to get to use the excuse the batteries died…

Even got the box and the manual and the wall wart that charges the batteries.  Larry really took good care of his stuff…

Type: Amateur VHF/UHF transceiver
Frequency range: TX: 144-146 / 430-440 MHz (Europe and Asia)
RX: 0.5-1.7 / 76-999 MHz
Mode: TX: FM
RF Power output: 0.5 / 0.5 W (1/1 W with external power)
Sensitivity: N/A
Selectivity: N/A
Image rejection: N/A
Voltage: 3.6 VDC (3.2-7 VDC external)
Current drain: RX: 16-150 mA
TX: 0.4 A @ 500 mW TX output
Impedance: 50 ohms, SMA
Dimensions (W*H*D): 47*81*25 mm
Weight: 125 gr
Manufactured: 1997-19xx (Discontinued)
Other: 291 memories. CTCSS/DCS. ARTS. Alpha tags
New price 1997 in Sweden: 2750:- SEK
Related documents: User manual (2.1 MB)

Above picture and specs courtesy

In the picture that follows you will see how it stacks up compared to other newer Yaesu Radios with the VX1R on the right, the VX8GR in the middle and the FT60r on the left.  Underneath the VXGR in the middle is the MH31 mic without the cable.  The quality of the picture is not the best but you can at least get an indication of size.

Remember I never claimed to be a photographer…

One of the remarkable things about this radio is that it was built in 1997 and is in a smaller package than my current handhelds.  The scary part is even back in 1997 Yaesu had those annoying multi level menus which still confuse me today.

However the radio does fit in my pocket and will access both the vhf and uhf repeaters I would need to access from downtown but with the 0.5w output no long distance stuff.  It has an excellent rcvr and will do a good job on the local FM radio station when I’m taking a bus ride.  Its bigger than the IPOD but still smaller than my old Sony Walkman…

More on how it performs after I get time to play with it a bit more…

Get ready for the weekend…



PS…  If anyone at Yaesu is reading this…   The latest acquisition makes Yaesu Radio number 7 in the shack.  If you wanted to ship me down one of those new FT450 (d) up here so I could review it…  I would not argue with it…

Promise to ship it back after I finish with my “in depth review”











This way I could do review number 8

Heck I can dream can’t I???


What was I thinking…

October 15, 2010







Anyway…  I’ll let Martin’s posting give the information so here goes:::

Hi, Bears (you know who you are!).

Bob VA3QV and I are planning an afternoon/evening hike in Gatineau Park for the October Polar Bear Moonlight Madness event:

Our plan is to coordinate on VE3MPC 147.150(+) and 444.4 (+) to meet up and drive together leaving Ottawa around 3:30pm, starting the hike at ~4:15pm, setup on the air ~5pm, on the air for an hour or two and then back to Ottawa.

Yes – this is a darkness hour operation :-)  (It is called moonlight madness).

Forecast: Cloudy. Clearing in the afternoon. Wind northwest 30 km/h becoming light in the afternoon. High 12.

!! Anyone would like to join us would be very welcome to do so !!

We will both have our APRS trackers along for the ride so check:

We will be QRV on VHF and HF.

During the hike and during the operation we should be QRV on VE2CRA (146.940- 100hz CTCSS).

If you are unable to join us but will be QRV in the PBMME then please do look for us online, we will try to keep up to date.



For my part of the trip…  I will be active on 50.125 and 144.200 (SSB Only) and once Martin has run out of Bears I hope to be active on 80m and announce my presence on the ONTARS Frequency of 3.755 and then slide up or down a bit from there.

I will be operating with my FT817 with a 6m dipole,  my W3EDP for HF and if I get it built and tuned in time an Arrow 3 element beam for VHF.

I will have my FT60R on the local VE2CRA Repeater (146.940 (-) with a CTCSS of 100.0hz) and my VX8GR will be beaconing as VA3QV-7.

Now I know this does not qualify for SOTA so perhaps if I make this hike with no issues I can dare to dream and try something bigger and better.  Either way I am looking forward to it.

Now from that location I should have clear line of sight… south east, south and south west so depending on how lucky I am with trees being in the right places I am expecting contacts between Montreal and Kingston if anyone is out there listening for me on 2m and/or on 6m.

Lets see what happens this time…


New Addition to the Radio Inventory

January 28, 2010

Well today after a “little bit” of horsetrading…  I don’t have a horse but I do now have a Yaesu FT60 handheld.

This will free up my 12 year old ADI dual band handheld to work as a backup voice/packet rig when connected to a small power supply as the last battery pack I had for it was getting real flaky…

The FT 60 will need a new battery pack in the very near future but at least it is still a current model so I can still get accessories for it…

Another Yaesu for the collection….